Our History

The Bell Gardens Police Officers Association (BGPOA) has a proud history representing over 48 dedicated and professional sworn and non-sworn members of the Bell Gardens Police Department.

The association was established in 1971 with only 20 members. As the years passed, so did the growth of the association. When the membership began to grow, a Board of Directors was created to manage the operations of the association. The Board is made up of nine elected members who manage a budget and set policy for the organization.

The BGPOA board of directors help their members with contract negotiations, assist with legal representation, negotiate for dental, health and disability insurance. We also work as a liaison with City Council, courts, state and federal elected officials.

The Bell Gardens Police Officers Association was established as a California Non-Profit Organization and as a recognized bargaining unit to represent their members. They are from the rank of police officer to Sergeant as well as our dispatchers.

We help with representation with grievances, arbitrations and unfair labor practices. We also assist with Workers’ Compensation claims, sick leave, injured-on-duty matters. BGPOA also has full time attorneys and legal staff who deal with unfair labor practices, grievances, arbitration and a myriad of other legal issues on behalf of the entire membership.

The Board of Directors work on creating fundraisers so we can donate to local charities, churches and sholarships. We have created our annual golf and softball tournament which benefits the families of slain officers.

All association funds that are raised thru fundraising or from donations are used for collective bargaining, scholarships, charity donations, legal matters, government advocacy, and numerous member services and activities.

Members of the BGPOA also volunteer many hours at several events like Feeding the Homeless, Toys for Kids, Pink Patch Project, Christmas giveaways and much more.

The Bell Gardens Police Officers Association has AND will always be part of the community.